Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Personal/Professional Mission Statement

I am a very respectable and respectful person. In my work environment, I strive to complete my tasks to the best of my abilities. My promptness and workmanship shows in every task I do. I always do what is asked of me, even when it may be beyond my job’s description. One of the most significant things ever taught to me was the golden rule. “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” I try my best to follow this motto in everything I do, from personal relationships, to business relationships. I respect my surrounding coworkers and their workplaces. If I need to use anyone’s area or equipment, I make it a point to return them how I found them, if not in better condition. I am always kind and helpful, and quick to lend a helping hand to someone in need. My work, no matter what I do, is taken as a great responsibility because I acknowledge the fact that my work and actions directly affect others. Since I have been in management positions before, I know how hard it is to efficiently run a smooth business. Because of this, I try to get along with my coworkers to ensure a conflict-free environment for the administrative personnel. I am always open to constructive criticism to better the efficiency and quality of my work. Theft is never an option. Any stealing can directly and indirectly affect my job, as well as others’. I have also learned that lying can cause nothing but trouble. I always speak truthfully, and strive to be as honest as possible. I am not one to gossip, for I have been the center of gossip before and know that it can cause problems. Talking behind people’s backs is very disrespectful. If I have something to say about another person, I either say it to them personally, or keep my comments to myself. I believe I am a decent person to be around socially and work-related. I live in the moment, while keeping past and future responsibilities in mind. It is important to be mindful of what is to come, but more important to focus on the “here and now”. However, the past is a powerful tool to utilize as it teaches us from our mistakes. Failure is not always a bad thing; one can turn it into a learning experience so that one does not make the same mistakes in the future. Of all the principles and values that I have, honesty and learning from my failures are by far the most important to me.

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